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We offer printing, mailing and filing services in whatever combination fits your needs. Data can be imported in bulk entered on line, or both. We support multiple data formats for importing.

Data is stored in a central database which you can access from any internet-connected PC for reference, verification, and/or correction. Corrections are printed, mailed and filed automatically. Corrections – even prior year corrections — have never been easier.

Print images are available in PDF form on request for backup or audit.

We also print and mail B-Notices.



Process as many transactions as you want seamlessly and economically. No big up front investment in software.

Produce replacement copies of forms as needed for both current and prior years.

Print, mail, and file corrections for both current and prior years.

No need to worry about the hassles of updating software annually, whether it is purchased or in house software. Ditto for form and envelope inventories.

Eliminate the administrative and IT costs associated with year end 1099 processing. We process the data for you, leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on functions which only you can perform.

Provide access to as many offices as you want. We support both centralized and distributed organization styles.

For those who must process some of their 1099 forms in house, 1099 Connection also carries a full line of forms, envelopes and other supplies.



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