Navigating the 1099 Waterways!

So you’ve been assigned the task of issuing 1099s for your organization. The good news is that someone has confidence in your abilities. The bad news is you may not share that same confidence. You might feel you are “up … Read More

To Err is Human

Today’s eMail contained the following message: “I need to file two corrected 1099-MISC’s that were filed by an online service that doesn’t do corrections. Can you help me?” Now that you mention it, yes we can. But it’s a matter … Read More

All in the (1099) Family

The 1099 family of IRS forms is distinguished by two characteristics: They are all “information returns” rather than “tax returns.” That is, they inform the taxpayer and/or the IRS regarding transactions which may have a tax effect. Form 1098, for … Read More

New Kid on the Block: Form 1099-K

IRS information returns assist IRS in verifying elements of a taxpayer’s return. We generally refer to these documents as the “1099 family” of returns. The family includes: Forms in the 1098 series, which document transactions which may be deductible from … Read More